Welcome to Venice.

Why our masks are special and sought after.

Our paper-mache' masks are handcrafted one by one, fully imported from Venice.
Creating a mask is a process that involves uncommon skills, achievable only with long-term experience and passion.
The craftsmans who make these beautiful creations, work in an absolute absence of any automated mechanism, meaning that the whole workflow Craquelle finishis made by hand, from the laying of the paper-sheets (which is not newspaper), to glueing, painting, cracking finish (if any), laceing, varnishing, coating, plus, last but not least a great deal of dedication and patience.Craquelle finish The result can only mean a truly unique piece of venetian art, each with it's own beautiful small imperfections, with tiny differences even from another apparently equal mask.
varnishing finish If you are considering buying a mask for a masquerade ball, please don't think "yes they are beautiful, but im going to wear it on this event, and that's it ", well, the fact is, that a mask is a decoration, whether for your face, wall or cupboard, and should be regarded as such, actually making it double-use unlike an average framework, that: you can't wear, everyone has, very few people will ask about it, and bought it to "put something to fill the space on the wall". So if you properly put a Colombina or an Incas on a cupboard, or hang on the wall a gorgeous Full Face Feather, (these are all wearables), be sure that they will be a great topic of conversation as soon as somebody with a little interest, (and taste), for this particular and original creations, spot it.
If you are still doubtful, just have a closer look, and picture them in your home, you'll be amazed how much beauty and awe these astonishing masks will give to your room.